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Indraprasth Physiotherapy Centre

A-10, Gulmohar Park,
August Kranti Marg,
Near Sirifort Auditorium
New Delhi – 110049.
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Call: +91-9999636944

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Indraprasth Physiotherapy Centre

1/8 ,Single story, Tilak Nagar
near Punjab National Bank
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Why Indraprasth Physiotherapy?
Indraprasth Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Slimming Center is one of the leading centers in the city that offers services that includes, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and slimming. With our team of highly professional and qualified individuals, we provide customized exercises to our patients based on the problems faced by them. Our aim is to offer techniques and therapies that will help our patients to carry out their day to day Tasks easily

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West Delhi Branch Indraprasth Physiotherapy Centre 1/8 ,Single story, Tilak Nagar near Punjab National Bank New Delhi – 110018 Call: +91-9999636944 Call:+91-9868328426 Write to us at-:

About Dr. Abhishek Pratap Singh



1) Specialist in Manual Therapy (C.M.T.)

2) Super specialist in Disc compression and its rehabilitation

3) Specialist in Spine and all joints manipulation

4) Specialist in Rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injury Patients

5) Specialist in Spinal Scoliosis

6) Super specialist in Disc compression and its rehabilitation

7) Specialist in Taping Technique

8) Specialist in Chiro-techniques

9) Specialist in Postural faults and ergonomics

10) Specialist in all neurological conditions

11) Specialist in Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation

12) Specialist in Surgical & Clinical Leprosy

13) Specialist in Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy

14) Specialist in Cerebral Palsy

15) Specialist in Neuro – Developmental Therapy (NDT)

16) Specialist in Varicose veins rehabilitation


Certified practitioner of Cardio-Pulmonary-Cerebral Resuscitation (C.P.C.R.) recognized by the Department of Emergency Medicine, A.I.I.M.S. (All India Institute of Medical Sciences).




I1st Aug, 2015

I am Nisha and I was having a problem of Shoulder Pain from last 6 months which makes my life little difficult. I was not able to do my office and house work properly. Then my Husband took me to a Physician who advised us to meet a physiotherapist, so we met Dr. Abhishek Pratap at Indraprasth Physiotherapy Centre at Gulmohar Park. He advised me to have a X-Ray of my neck and shoulder. After amine my reports he started my treatment and from the 4th day, I found relief in my shoulder. Now after 20 days my shoulder is all right. But to prevent this problem in future I m doing exercisesregularly which he explained to me. I am feeling lot better now. Thank you Dr.



3rd Jul, 2015

I had a problem of back pain from couple of months which made my life little difficult. So with reference of my office friend I decided to meet a physiotherapist. I met Dr. Abhishek and he examined me properly and advised to take an MRI of my back. After seeing my reports he started my treatment but due to my busy office schedule I did not take my treatment regularly at his Tilak Nagar Branch. But when I heard about his new clinic in South Delhi Gulmohar Park which was suitable for me, I contacted him and again started my treatment. Within a week I found relief in my back and now I am taking my treatment regularly and properly.

Mrs. Tyagi


May, 2015

I have a problem of back pain from more rhan 6 weeks. Its not the first time I have back pain but this time it is serious. I was feeling very uncomfortable in doing my daily work. I take many pain killers but all are useless. Then my friend suggest me to meet a physiotherapist to consult on this problem. With the reference of Just Dial, I met Dr. Abhishek. He examine me and told me that its a case of slip disc but to confirm he advise to have an MRI. The Reports are not good and he started my treatment from the same day. For doing my work with less pain he advised to wear a belt. In starting phase of my treatment I feel that my pain is not increasing but in about two weeks I was feeling better and continued my treatment for next one month. His manipulation techniques and electro therapy devices are very good. Now my pain is vanished and to avoid this pain in future I am maintaining a good bodyposture. Thanks Dr. Abhishek.

Mrs. Krati

83*****61511th Apr, 2015

I had some neck pain sine last couple of weeks which causes some problems in doing my daily work. I had also a complaint of minor headache and in turning my head around. When I told this problem to my physician cousin, he then advised me to meet a physiotherapist and not to take medicine without consultation. I meet Dr.Abhishek Pratap to consult on this problem and he examined my neck and advised to have an X-Ray. My reports were not good and he started my treatment from the same day and advised to maintain a good posture of my neck. His advanced elector-therapy machines and modern manipulation techniques give me relief within a week and he completed my treatment in about 20 days and advised me to maintain a good posture to avoid this problem in future. Thanks Dr.Abhishek.


95*****93423rd Feb, 2015

I am Akshara, I was suffering from lower back pain and loss of sensation in my legs from last 5 months. I have taken many medicines and balms but found no relief in my problem. One day, I got a pamplate of Indraprasth Physiotherapy Centre for free BMD Test. I went to Clinic where Dr. Abhishek advised to have a X-Ray of my back. When I came back to clinic with my X-Ray reports. I was in shock, he said that its a case of Slip Disc. He started my treatment from the same day. After 2 weeks treatment, I felt some relief. But he advised me to continue the treatment for better results and alo advised to wear a belt and some precautions also. Then from the fourth week he told me to do some exercises at home also. After 2 months, my treatment was finished and Dr. Abhishek advised me some precautions. So that the problem will not arise again in future. Thanks Dr. Abhishek Pratap


87*****05615th Feb, 2015

I am shanu. I had an accident about one year ago which caused fracture in my left hand. Dr. Put plaster on my hand and advised me to had good posture. But I didn`t do that, as a result my joint has been stiffed. I again met the doctor and he advised me to have a consult with physiotherapist. As on his recommendation I met Dr. Abhishek at Indraprasth Physiotherapy Centre. He examined me and advised me for X-Ray. After that he started my treatment. As a result, after a one month treatment I feel some improvement in my arm and I continued my treatment for one more month. My hand is now normal and I am very thankful to Dr. Abhishek.


84*****52623rd Nov, 2014

I was suffering from old back and neck pain. My friends advised me to meet a physiotherapist. So I met Dr. Abhishek Pratap at his clinic. He advised me to have a MRI scan and thoroughly checked my pain areas. He started my treatment from the second day and I found some relief in my back and neck. He advised me some exercises and some precautions. After about one and a half month treatment, I am completely satisfied with his treatment. Thank you Dr. Abhishek

Mrs. Bharti

92*****7968th Oct, 2014

I had a serious problem of neck pain from couple of months. I had tried many painkillers to minimize this pain but I found no relief in my pain. Then my friend advised me to meet a physiotherapist. Byhe means of Just dial, I found Indraprasth Physiotherapy Centre. When I meet Dr. Abhishek, he diagnose me and advised me to have a X-Ray before starting the treatment. Within a few days treatment I felt some relief in my pain. His modern manipulation techniques are very good. After 5 weeks treatment, I am completely free from pain. Thank you Dr.Abhishek.


95*****70720th Sep, 2014

Dr. Abhishek is a nice doctor. He always does work in the betterment of patients. In my case, he just explored my problem gently and diagnosed me correctly. After a 3 weeks treatment, I was felling very relaxed. His team members also done a good job and cooperate me while my treatment.

Sudhir Singh Chauhan

chau***** | 98*****28817th Sep, 2014

Dr. Abhishek is the nicest and best doctor. I have ever visited. After having my foot pain for a couple years and seeing doctors that did not help me. But after meeting Dr. Abhishek he easily determined what was wrong and explained it to me in detail by using X- Rays report and discussed the process. He wants to explore every other possibility first before going that route.I would highly recommend Dr. Abhi to everyone.


74*****44517th Sep, 2014

Excellent.. Fully satisfying service by all Indraprasth Physiotherapy team...

Mrs Sharmila

88*****4296th Sep, 2014

I was so pleased with the efficiency and competence which was unsurpassed by Dr. Abhishek.

Mrs Maya

88*****2426th Sep, 2014

Excellent service..


Pros***** | 98*****9886th Sep,

Thank you for all the improvements in my survical. Excellent service Dr. Abhishek. I was so pleased with the efficiency and competence which was unsurpassed.


95*****4436th Sep, 2014

Your excellent treatment has improved a lot in the upgrade.. Keep up the good work Dr. Abhishek.


shiv***** | 88*****5236th Sep, 2014

I really appreciate your responsiveness Dr.Abhishek.


96*****4926th Sep, 2014

Thank you for all the improvements in my survical Dr. Abhishek. Your treatment has improved a lot in the upgrade.. Keep up the good work.


81*****9134th Sep, 2014

Excellent and good job Dr. Abhishek.

Mrs. Richa

94*****0443rd Sep, 2014

Good and remarkable work by Dr. Abhishek.

Mrs. Priya

99*****70828th Aug, 2014

Excellent work by Dr. Abhishek. His effective electrotherapy and manipulation techniques gave quick relief in my neck pain. I am really thankful to him.


70*****90218th Aug, 2014

I was suffering from horrible neck and arm pain with tingling and loss of sensation from past 4 months. I wont be able to do my daily work properly and sitting on laptop was also very painful. After so many sleepless nights I got reference of Indraprasth physiotherapy, rehabilitation centre from one of my friend. Within 1week I got more than 80% relief. I am very great full to Dr. Abhishek for giving me painless life. Now I can freely do my day to day work.

Mrs. Gayatri

73*****96717th Aug, 2014

I have severe low back pain and right leg pain since October 2013. I took treatment from so many hospitals and clinics but no relief in my problem and day by day my pain and weakness increase in my both legs. I was unable to walk 5..7 min. I found Indraprasth physiotherapy centre with the help of Justdial and I took treatment from Dr.Abhishek. Now I have too much relief within a month. His treatment quality and manipulation techniques are very effective. His behaviour, clinic environment very friendly. Thanks to Justdial and Dr.Abhishek Pratap.


avni***** | 78*****1151st Aug,

Very appreciable efforts you have done on my back..Really you have magical hands..

Ashwani Pundhir

ashw***** | 81*****3231st Aug,

I was suffering from severe pain in my knee. One day my friend told me about Indraprasth physiotherapy centre. I met Dr. Abhishek Pratap who gave me full satisfaction while consultation with a 2 weeks treatment.. I am feeling very relaxed and completely satisfied with the treatment.

Veenu Kumar

93*****89017th May, 2012

I have a problem of severe neck pain with irritating radiating pain in right shoulder and arm for last three month back. I have taken so many medicine prescribed by reputed physician but I have no relief. My son taken no.of Indraprasth physiotherapy from Justdial and I went to centre and met Dr AbhishekFirst day I am totally satisfied with his consultation. Dr Abhishek has given me treatment for that problem. Right now I have no problem. I am very happy and thanx to Dr.Abhishek and Justdial.


pres***** | 96*****7511st Feb, 2012

A very safe & modern clinic. I was suffering from severe slip disc, due to which i cannot move here & there. I went to INDRAPRASTH PHYSIOTHERAPY & REHABILITATION CENTRE & Dr. Abhishek diagnosed my problem. He gave me treatment for one week & solved my problem of movement. Within one month time, I got my same position back by regular treatment. Now I can run, jump & can do my daily routine work without any obstacles. I am very thankful to Dr. Abhishek for solving my very old slip disc problem in the short period of time.


99*****25930th Jan, 2012

I was suffering from severe shooting,radiating pain in left leg for last 4 month,i cant stand,sit,turn,walk. I am unable to perform my daily activities. I have taken treatment from so many dr, but I got no relief. One of my friend suggested me to take treatment at Indraprasth physiotherapy centre. Dr.Abhishek`s treatment techniques,manipulation and exercises are so effective and pain relieving.he has diagnosed my problem on very first day and based on that he continued my treatment. Now I am totally fine and very thankful to Dr.Abhishek.